Privacy Policy

This policy may be changed at any time without notice.
Last Update: Nov 11 2014


Any personally identifying information collected directly via this website (via the Contact/Feedback form for example) will never be sold to 3rd parties.

Information Collected via Server Logs

As with most websites, SideTree.com servers automatically log all requests.

These logs are taken in agregate to answer questions such as; Which pages are most popular at SideTree.com? How quickly are people upgrading to the latest version? Which projects should receive focus?

SideTree.com - Cookies and Ads

Some of the advertising banners and links on this website may be handled and served by 3rd party servers (for example; links to the Mac App Store). These servers may use tracking cookies to facilitate appropriate referal payments to Side Tree Software should you choose to buy something from them. You can choose how to handle cookies by refering to your browser's Security/Privacy/Cookies preferences.

More information about how cookies facilitate the modern web is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

Software Purchases

Purchasing of software on SideTree.com is handled via PayPal. Their privacy policy is available at PayPal.com. When you purchase through PayPal your name and email address are sent to Side Tree to facilitate a speedy registration process. Your credit card number is never shared with Side Tree.

Mac App Store

Software sold through the Mac App Store is handled entirely through Apple. Their privacy policy is available at Apple.com. Side Tree Software has no access to customer purchase information and can not facilitate refunds for sales via the Mac App Store.

Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions innately have potential access to very person information. Side Tree Software does not collect or track personal information via Browser Extensions. Some features may rely on 3rd party services, and every attempt is made to make this clear wherever possible.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to leave a message at the Contact page.